4 Tips for Repurposing Your Summer Wardrobe for Fall


September is finally here, which means the cooler, brisk fall weather will be here before you know it. While your bikinis and beach sandals can be stowed away, your entire summer wardrobe doesn’t have to be forgotten. There are many ways you can repurpose your summer wardrobe for the fall season, which is good for you and your wallet. Here are some tips for getting your wardrobe ready for fall.

  1. Transform Your Favorite Summer Dresses

One of the best parts about summer is you get to wear your favorite sundresses. Well, just because fall’s here doesn’t mean you can no longer wear them. By pairing your dresses with black tights, booties and a fitted blazer, you can create the ultimate look for fall. You can transform your tight-fitting dresses by throwing on a sweater or wearing them with an oversized cardigan.

  1. Add a Scarf

Scarves serve a functional and fashionable purpose and are every woman’s go-to accessory for fall. You can make an outfit look more put together and more your own. Scarves look great with everything from skirts and dresses to jeans and a classic t-shirt. When wearing a scarf, be wary of mixing patterns. While some patterns complement each other well, others clash. If your outfit is already busy with patterns, it’s best to go with a simple, solid colored scarf.

  1. Repurpose Your Shorts

You can still get good use out of your shorts during the fall. You can style your high-waist shorts by tucking in a long-sleeve shirt. This look is especially great for dressier shorts, such as trouser or pleated shorts. To keep your legs warm and toasty, wear your shorts over a pair of cute pattern tights. Complete the look with a cardigan.

  1. Get the Layered Look without the Bulkiness

Fall is all about layering. Sometimes layering can cause you to feel bulky or lose your shape. By wearing a Genie Hourglass shaper underneath your clothes, you can achieve an hourglass shape, accentuate your curves and look more toned. And, Genie Hourglass shaper reviews show the waist trainer really works!

How else can you repurpose your summer wardrobe for fall?

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